“You’re the captain of the boat” they said.

It’s a lie ! “I swear it’s true.”

Walking the streets, we feel in control

When really all we can do is wish for a better tomorrow !

Our eyes are covered with whatever we hear in the news.

Our hands tied, we don’t realize it though.

The jungle we live in is not ruled by a king,

And the world is only big and blue.

I guess it explains the fiascos

Roaming around the poor

And the devil ruling with no rule.

The power is on the wrong side,

But will our planet ever be right?

Humanity was never kind 

And the kind was always damned.

So I wish for a day where kindness is seen for what it is

And hope for justice to finally win.


source photo : A blackmailed existence (Rappler, 2017).

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